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Seen 'n Heard - Oct, 1992 Issue (page 2).

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2nd Southwestern Adolescent Conference
Sierra Tucson Adolescent Care and the National Prevention Task Force announced the 2nd Southwestern Adolescent Conference, “HEALING THE FAMILY”, to be held in Tucson, Arizona, January 21-24, 1993. For information call Connie Coleman - 1-800624-9001, extension 2311.

Dennis & Jeannie Crowell Welcomes Their Second Son
Jeannie and Dennis Crowell, of NORTHSTAR in Oregon welcomed their second son, Cameron Mark Crowell on July 22. NORTHSTAR is now in its second year of business, with 8 new students on their 21-day Wilderness Challenge Expedition as of August.

Quotations from Anasazi's Larry Olsen & Ezekiel Sanchez
The following are some quotations from Anasazi’s Larry Olsen and Ezekiel Sanchez that appeared in THIS PEOPLE. “There’s something abut walking away from civilization, the experience allows mental, physical and spiritual alertness.” “ A child who is besieged from morning to night by noise -TVs, telephones, radios - doesn’t have much time to think for himself. Other people do our thinking for us. In nature, we can realize quietness, and that everything is harmony. We can find who we really are.” The natural environment is balanced; it teaches lessons to children who are obviously out of balance.

Fenster School Serves Three Kinds of Students
One of the three kinds of students Fenster School in Tucson, Arizona serves is the college-capable underachiever who needs structure in order to succeed. The structure the school provides for those students includes a daily monitoring of each student’s academic performance and behavior by the headmaster Don Saffer, with immediate action if either falls below acceptable standards. Also, study hall is each evening with peer tutors and teachers available. They make sure remedial help and graded text materials are available whenever needed.

Thanks for the Ad Support
Brian O’Donnell, of Shamrock Educational Alternatives outside Spokane, Washington, reports they had their first enrollment whose parents first heard of them from their WOODBURY REPORTS advertisement. Jon Tyler, of Tyler Ranch in Spokane, reports a lot of Educational Consultants visiting him for the first time ever while swinging through the Inland Northwest. That these professionals subscribe to WOODBURY REPORTS and have been seeing his ads there for months is probably not coincidental. (Thanks for the Ad support, and I’m glad it’s helping. - Lon)

Wilderness Treatment Center's Success Rate
Steve Fairbank, Director of the Wilderness Treatment Center near Wilsall, Montana, says the Center treats about 125 patients a year, and claims a 70-75% success rate. He attributes their track record largely to the follow-up care, much of which are halfway houses the Center works with.

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