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Becket Family of Services

Residential Counselor

Benchmark Transitions

Primary Substance Abuse Counselor

Blue Fire Wilderness Therapy Therapist
Qualified Field Staff
Boulder Creek Academy Licensed Clinical Therapist

PreTeen Clinical Supervisor

Cedar Ridge Academy English Teacher
Biology/Basic Sciences Teacher
Female Marriage and Family Therapist
Student Services Coordinator
Licensed Therapist
Line Staff
Coral Reef Academy Program Therapist
Discovery Ranch Girls Program Therapist
Dragonfly Transitions Education Coordinator
Farm Mentor
Elevations RTC Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Explorations Residential Therapist
Franklin Academy Counselor
Gersh Experience Executive Director
Greenbrier Academy Youth Counselors
Lava Heights Academy Admissions/Marketing
Licensed Art Therapist
Legacy Outdoor Adventures Therapist
Minnesota Girls Academy Founding Executive Director
Mountain Valley Treatment Center Residential Counselor
Mount Pleasant Academy Program Director with Clinical License
Licensed Clinical Director
New Lifestyles Psychotherapist
New Vision Wilderness Field Director (Medford, WI)
Wilderness Therapist
Art Therapist
Wilderness Instructors: Bend, OR and Medford, WI
Northwest Academy Licensed Clinical Therapist
Student Life Counselor
Oakley School Clinical Director
Oliverian School Dorm Parent and Photography Teacher
Open Sky Wilderness Therapy Family Services Therapist (LPC, LCSW, LMFT)
Family Services Intern
Family Services Transition Mentor
Field Guide
Pacific Quest Program Guide
Experienced Therapist
Second Nature Blue Ridge Clinician
Seven Stars Primary Therapist (Licensed or Pre-licensed)
Special Education Teacher
Shortridge Academy Licensed Clinical Therapist
Sorenson's Ranch School Licensed Clinical Therapist
Spring Ridge Academy Therapist
Squaw Valley Academy Residential Program Staff
Summit Preparatory School Licensed Clinical Therapist
Sunrise Academy RTC Admissions Counselor
Surf House Puerto Rico Life Coach
Clinical Liaison
Waypointe Program Director
Wingate Wilderness Therapy Drug & Alcohol Counselor


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