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Seen 'n Heard - Oct, 1992 Issue (page 3).

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Cross Creek Manor Appoints Therapist
Kate Weidner L.S.S.W. has been appointed to the position of therapist at Cross Creek Manor in Utah.

CEDU School Has New Academic Director
Bill Valentine has replaced Ron Davis as Director of Academics at CEDU School. Bill has been on the CEDU faculty for five years serving as a teacher, Director of Wilderness, and Family Head. Ron has relocated to the Los Angeles area to take a position with another private school.

Native Americans for College
In 1744, when a group of wealthy Virginia planters offered to pay the expenses of several young Native Americans for college the response was as follows: “our ideas of this kind of education happen not to be the same as yours. We have had some experience of it. Several of our young people were instructed in all your sciences; but, when they came back to us, they were totally unfit for Hunters, Warriors, nor counselors. They were totally good for nothing. We are, however, not the less oblig’d by your kind offer, thou’ we decline accepting it; and to show our grateful sense of it, if the gentlemen of Virginia will send us a dozen of their sons, we will take care of their education, instruct them in all we know, and make men of them.”

The Reading Center's Key Principles & Practices
Nancy Downer, of The Reading Center in Pacific Palisades, California (213-459-0097), sent me their statement of key principles and practices they work by. The following are some of these statements:

  • Each person is a unique and special person, not quite like anyone we’ve seen before.
  • The more we understand that specialness, the better we can teach.
  • Successful teaching begins wherever the needs are felt; diagnosis can lead to the most efficient use of instruction time and effort.
  • Success breeds success; to focus only on deficits invites discouragement and failure.
  • Ridicule, sarcasm, and disparagement have no place in a learning environment.
  • The teacher and the student are partners in learning; the teacher’s authority is based on knowledge and skill, and is not exercised arbitrarily.

What Television Tells Us About our Lives
WATCHING AMERICA: What Television Tells Us About Our Lives, by S. Robert Lichter, Linda S. Lichter and Stanley Rothman, is a new book reporting their research on the social and political lessons that television teaches. According to their research, when you do your nightly TV viewing, you are visiting a world “where sexual infidelity is the norm, where citizens are murdered at a rate of 1,400 times higher than actuality, where the rich commit most of the crimes, where businessmen almost always are bad guys, where only liberal politicians operate in the public interest, where military officers are Col. Blimps and where religion is a silly superstition guaranteed to get guffaws from the laugh track. With this as our nightly fare, no wonder both the voters and teenagers are confused about what the truth is.

Two Psychologists Conduct Study on Marijuana Use
Two Psychologist at the University of California at Berkeley published a study on Marijuana use in the June, 1990 issue of American Psychologist. Following a group of San Francisco children from age 3 to 18, they found those who abused marijuana were typically troubled, alienated and emotionally withdrawn; those that abstained tended to be over-controlled, tense, and emotionally constricted; and those who experimented were more likely to be psychologically healthy. Since the traits were evident during early childhood, the researchers concluded the study suggests drug prevention programs would be more effective if they focused on improving parenting skills, enhancing self-esteem, and fostering better interpersonal relationships rather than by drug prevention programs simply focusing on drug education.

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