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Seen 'n Heard - Oct, 1992 Issue (page 1).

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Adolescent Escort Services Opens Doors
Shannon Healy and William F. Connolly formally opened their doors for business on October 1st in Sandpoint, Idaho, as Adolescent Escort Services. William F. Connolly is a licensed private investigator with over 12 years experience in the legal support services field and claims 100 percent success in locating runaways from schools, wilderness trips, and homes. Shannon Healy, who started working with his father, Mike Healy, and doing escorts for him three years ago, claims a 100 percent success rate in escorting adolescents to the location directed by the parent, school, or consultant. Their office address is 804 Airport Way, Suite C, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864, 208-265-4973.

Wilderness Medicine Courses Information
Phillip Gormley, Operations Director for Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA), RFD Box 890, Bryant Pond, Maine 04219, 207-665-2707, will send information to anyone interested in their Wilderness Medicine courses. WMA has been offering “training courses to people serious about being prepared for backcountry emergencies” for two decades. Their courses are used for training by Outward Bound, the National Park Service, and the FBI - Hostage Rescue Team, among others.

Bill Prodman Quotes in Journal of Experiential Education
Bill Prodman, in the August ‘92 issue of the Journal of Experiential Education, presents that “for a person to learn experientially, a teaching routing must include all four learning styles: concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation. In other words, the whole person is addressed. Also, a student must have an emotional investment in the experience and continues, not because he/she is engaged emotionally, owns the experience, and the teacher is out of the way.”

Tuttle/Gundry Networking Newsletter
The Tuttle/Gundry Networking Newsletter is now in its 7th issue. The schools they are currently assisting are Pine Creek Ranch in Utah, Fountain Valley School of Colorado, St. Scholastica Academy in Colorado, Eagle Mountain Outpost in North Idaho, Fenster School of Southern Arizona, and Cross Creek Manor in Utah.

New Dominion School Reports Student Progress
Diane Sudak, an Educational Consultant in Cleveland, Ohio tells me that she is very pleased to have a quality program to refer to on the East coast in New Dominion School in the Wilderness, with programs in Virginia and Maryland. She feels their reporting of progress to parents and professionals is excellent, and she is very pleased at the work they have done with her client who has been there almost a year.

Explorations Recently Purchased 90 Acres
Lorne Riddell of Explorations in Western Montana tells me they have moved into their new 4,500 square foot house on 90 acres they recently purchased five miles away from their old location. The old house they had been living/working in is now primarily being used for staging for the wilderness trips.

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