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Seen 'n Heard - Aug, 1993 Issue (page 1).

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Berkeley High School Fulfills New Needs
As reported in the May/June issue of Teacher Magazine, Berkeley, California remains in the forefront of finding new needs to fulfill by establishing a choir for the "melodically challenged." "Founded last fall by Monica White, a student at Berkeley High School, the six-member Tone Deaf Choir aims to broaden the singing opportunities available to students who never met a note they could hit. 'We're trying to make tone-deaf students feel better about their singing and not annoy the rest of the world in the attempt,' says Monica. While the Tone Deaf Choir has not yet graced live audiences with its cacophonous repertoire, it has performed 'Auld Lang Syne' and 'Amazing Grace' during local radio interviews. Monica doubts that too much practice will spoil the choir's singular talent for off-key entertainment. 'The point is not to get better,' she says, 'but to have fun.'"

Sierra Tucson Adds Residential Treatment Program
Sierra Tucson announced they are adding a residential treatment program for adolescents. They now provide "longer-term residential care for thirty to ninety days....[which] addresses a broader range of patient needs within our existing therapeutic setting."

Minnesota Expands Charter School Concept
Minnesota is expanding their charter school concept, which allows educators to create new schools free from most state rules and regulations. Of the eight authorized last year, several are for at-risk students.

Bill Signed To Start Alternative Schools
Governor Bruce King signed into law legislation requiring the New Mexico Department of Education to contract with private organizations to provide alternative education for at-risk youth in grades nine through 12. Albuquerque Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Richard Romero, the state senator who sponsored the bill said, "Basically what we'd be starting is alternative schools ... except they'd be in the private sector."

The 5 Start Treatment Network
Ed Hearn, located in the Seattle area and former publisher of Adolescent magazine has established the 5 Star Treatment Network for selected chemical dependency treatment centers to join together to work with companies that select inpatient treatment facilities for their employees/clients/patients. As of early June they have four regional offices around the country with more than 30 Treatment Centers involved. Ed can be reached at 206-820-9794. The Western Region is directed by Pete Anderson in Tucson, Arizona, who can be reached at 602-577-0252. Pete is the former Clinical Director at Wilderness Treatment Center in Montana, and a Marketing Rep. at Sierra Tucson.

The Whole-Person Approach To Recovery
Jerry Dorsman, of Elk Mills, Maryland, and author of HOW TO QUIT DRINKING WITHOUT A.A., in a letter published in the April 1993 issue of PROFESSIONAL COUNSELOR, says: "I've studied many treatment programs, both inpatient and outpatient, and here's the most striking fact: Those demonstrating the highest success rates uses a whole-person approach to recovery. That is, they treat all aspects of the individual--physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual."

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