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Seen 'n Heard - Jun, 1992 Issue (page 3).

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Three Springs Residential Treatment Center Received Accreditation
Three Springs Residential Treatment Center in Courtland, Alabama has received Accreditation with Commendation from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).

Tyler Ranch Has Added an 800 Number
Tyler Ranch, in Spokane, Washington, has added an 800 number which is 800-368-7159.

Three Springs Outdoor Program for Girls Finishes Additions
Three Springs Outdoor Program for Girls (Alabama) is finishing a new swimming pool, a new large school building with four large classrooms, a library, and adding several more computers, a ropes course and a Frisbee golf course.

Explorations Develops Special Trips
Explorations, in Montana, is developing a number of special trips and activities for students of other Special Purpose Schools and Programs this summer.

Heritage Center Has Extensive Recreational Opportunities
Ramond Vabriskie, who has been with Heritage Center in Provo, Utah for one and a half years, has developed extensive recreational opportunities for the 81 students (as of mid-March). The belief is recreation can be very healing, and they have a ropes course, basketball, and a lot of hiking and camping to name a few of their activities. They also have an equestrian program for interested students.

Illinois More Reluctant to Approve School District Funding
I'm told the State of Illinois is much more reluctant to approve School District funding of private, out-of-state placement in Special Purpose programs than it was in past years.

Eagle Mountain Outpost Doesn't Have Set Graduation Times
Eagle Mountain Outpost, in North Idaho, does not have set group graduation times. Instead, each boy graduates when he is ready with a couple friends, family, and key staff at a dinner-graduation ceremony. In program improvement, the school's playing field should be ready by this summer, and their science teacher is on an one month sabbatical to update their experiential education program.

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