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Seen 'n Heard - Jun, 1992 Issue (page 2).

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Russian Project is Moving Ahead
Russ Colburn, of Forest Heights Lodge in Colorado, reports the Russian Project is moving ahead. Russian psychologists/educators have visited Forest Heights to learn their approach, and Forest Heights staff will visit Russia to help them better meet the tremendous needs in that country.

Revitalizing the Shaker Village Educational Work Project
Avie C. Kalker of Dallas, Texas is working on revitalizing the Shaker Village Educational Work Project. Shaker Villages were an important part of the 19th century American landscape, and had summer camps with an emphasis on emotional maturity, leadership ability, and other aspects for teenagers growing up. These summer camps were active until the 1950s. Avie believes they can again be of considerable help to teenagers and is trying to start them up again. For further questions, she can be reached at 214-373-7656.

Anasazi Foundation Has Implemented Organizational Changes
ANASAZI Foundation, in Arizona, has implemented organizational changes. Larry D. Olsen is the Chairman of the Board, and will be speaking to professional organizations in the various states. Ezekiel C. Sanchez was elected by the Board to be the President and CEO. Five Directors have been selected to correlate and run the day-to-day activities of ANASAZI. They are Brend Hosman (Field Logistics), Mike Merchant (Marketing, Admissions), Paul Newman (Shadows, Curriculum), Sterling Tanner (Finance), and Chris Wallace (Therapy, Follow-up).

Brooke Dudley Closes Consulting Business
Brooke Dudley, Texas IECA member and former President of that organization, has closed up his consulting business and is taking up admissions responsibilities at San Antonio Art Institute. Brooke is referring his new client families to Mike Shepperd of Dallas. Brooke can be reached at (512) 824-7224.

Julie Rhind Goes Into Consulting Business
Julie Rhind, recently the Director of Admissions at Athenian School in Danville California is going into the consulting business. She can be reached at 510-820-8858.

DeSisto School Increases use of 12-Step Programs
DeSisto School, in Massachusetts, has been increasing its use of 12 step programs during the last couple years reports Admissions Director Connie Real.

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