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Seen 'n Heard - Jun, 1992 Issue (page 1).

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Shamrock Educational Alternative Adds Phone Number
Shamrock Educational Alternative, in eastern Washington has added the phone number 1-800-241-3662.

CEDU School Names New President
Ron Cook has been named the new President of CEDU School in Southern California.

Northstar Held Its First Parent Conference
Northstar, in Bend, Oregon, held its first parent conference in March. "Students and their parents had the opportunity to reverse roles for one day.... Parents rappelled from a 70 foot cliff while their child belayed and supported them through this fear-producing experience. Both parties made important discoveries in the areas of trust, interdependence and communication.... It has strengthened our conviction that risk-taking exercises supplied by mother nature can become a monumental growth experience for any age.

Bryan Bates, A Science Educator Quotes
Bryan Bates, a science educator in Arizona, said recently, "Some children just need to be heard, not cured."

Skyland Ranch Adopts Home Study Program
Skyland Ranch in the state of Washington has adopted a Home Study program through Brigham Young University for their students who just can't function in the typical school situation. Most of their students go to the local public school, but this adds another option the ranch can offer when appropriate. The Ranch is also completing the process to be licensed by the state as a Group Care Home.

USA Today Continues School & Camps in Classified Section
The national newspaper USA TODAY has decided to continue it's Thursday Schools and Camps in the classified section on a year round basis. Previously it had been from January to May.

Sierra Tucson Sponsors Conference on Eating Disorders
Sierra Tucson's Center for Eating Addictions and Disorders is sponsoring the First Southwestern Conference on Eating Disorders: "JOURNEY TO NEW DESTINATIONS" to be held November 19-22, 1992. For more information call Connie Coleman 800-624-9001 x2311, in Arizona 602-624-4000, x2311.

SUWS Develops Brochure Explaining How Their Program Operates
Adolescent Behavioral Change (SUWS) has developed a brochure explaining how their program operates in the context of a series of questions discussing "HOW TO CHOOSE AN ADOLESCENT INTERVENTION PROGRAM." The questions are pertinent and helpful and can be applied to any Special Purpose School or Program. They are available from George Church, SUWS Admissions Office 206-881-7173.

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