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Seen 'n Heard - Dec, 1992 Issue (page 2).

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Seneca Wilderness Program Disconnects Phone
The Seneca Wilderness Program, headquartered in Orem, Utah has disconnected its phone and closed its Post Office Box number. It apparently has closed down its business.

Rocky Mountain Academy Has New Member
Lori Brewster is the newest member of the Rocky Mountain Academy admissions team in North Idaho. She joins Ranel, Linda, and Matt. She has five daughters, ages 7-16, and in the past has been successful in marketing, real estate, teaching, and the hotel industry.

SUWS Announces New Family-Oriented Program
SUWS is announcing the addition of their new 42-day family-oriented program. They will continue with their 21-day program, while the new 42-day program is specially designed to "intervene in the competitive, enabling, etc. relationships that cause these crises within the family." From their latest brochure, they ask "How does SUWS 'Search and Rescue' adolescents?" "We Search through students' behavioral, emotional and mental patterns and discover deep-level limitations. We help them Rescue their present and future lives by removing these resistant limitations and helping them find new beliefs and abilities. In the end they have more choices about how they think, feel, and act. Everyone wants to be happy, but it's easy to be deceived, get disoriented or lost along the way." During the 42 day program, parents and siblings will be invited to spend one week with their teen at SUWS facilities in Southern Idaho. "Additionally, families and their adolescents are invited to return for one week sometime during the following six months. This post residency experience will help assist families with the stumbling blocks which may occur following the initial five-week portion of the 42 day program."

Randy Russell, M.S., Joins Northstar Staff
Randy Russell, M.S. has joined the staff of NORTHSTAR in Bend, Oregon to focus on their wilderness components, including the 21-day Wilderness Challenge Expeditions and the Parent/Student 3-day Wilderness Trip. He will also conduct their wilderness assessment service which allows students to have intensive counseling prior to enrollment in NORTHSTAR. They are also developing a post-NORTHSTAR bimonthly support group.

West Shield Investigations & Transports Adds New Phone Number
Al Cordoza, West Shield Investigations and Transports, reports adding a new phone number 800-899-8585. He reports, as of early November, his transport business has been increasing for the last six months or so which indicates a recovering economy.

Boundary Transport Has New Office
Richard Armstrong, Boundarylines Transports, in Northern Idaho, has a new office with a new phone number, 208-265-4888. He reports business has been so steady that he needed to be in three places at once at times. So, he is training two assistants to help out. He specializes in crisis intervention for resistant adolescents. He claims a large portion of his success is due to having 10 years of experience in residential and wilderness programs before developing his own transport service.

Hyde School Opens with Record High
Hyde School, in Bath Maine, opened this school year with 201 students, a record high. New staff includes Richard Truluck, their first full-time Wilderness coordinator.

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