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Seen 'n Heard - Dec, 1992 Issue (page 1).

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Work Experience Program at Buckeye Boys Ranch
Lynn Trepicorne, Vocational Coordinator for the Work Experience Program at Buckeye Boys Ranch in Ohio, reports, "The same qualities that promote success in the workplace are those that will help youth become responsible adults. Therefore, employment is a very important part of treatment for many of our older adolescents." Charles Winkler, counselor for Buckeye Boys Ranch, explains the need for their Life Skills Education in when adolescents are placed in independent living situations without having learned the most basic independent living skills, the results are often devastating for these youngsters. "When youth are thrust into this situation, with no family support, in many cases they turn to criminal activity or welfare assistance. These youth become an added burden and/or threat to society instead of becoming independent and productive adults."

Lon Woodbury's Essay Published in Youth-At-Risk
Lon Woodbury, Editor/Publisher of Reports was notified his essay will be included in a book to be published next year entitled YOUTH-AT-RISK, sponsored and coordinated by the American Association for Leisure and Recreation.

Thanksgiving at Mission Mountain School
John Mercer of Mission Mountain School in Western Montana reports they had 78 people for Thanksgiving this year. The students, parents, siblings and staff were there for four days and a good time was had by all as well as a lot of progress made in rebuilding family dynamics. Each family choose from a menu of activities for each day designed around experiential therapy and having fun. The parents consensus at the end of the long weekend was "We want more!"

Woodbury Reports Has Subscribers Throughout the U.S.
Woodbury Reports now has subscribers in Mexico, Canada, and Europe, as well as throughout the United States.

Jeff Johnson Now Handles SouthWestern Academy Admissions
Jeff Johnson, formerly Admissions Director at Mount Bachelor Academy in Bend, Oregon is now handling admissions for SouthWestern Academy about 15 miles outside Sedona, Arizona. He can be reached at 800-551-4581.

INC. Magazine Lists Three Springs for Second Year
Three Springs Inc. has been listed for the second year in a row by INC. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the U.S. This year it ranked as #179.

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