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Seen 'n Heard - Jun, 1991 Issue (page 2).

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Dick Vaughan Directs Blue Ridge School Summer Program
Dick Vaughan, IECA from Florida, has moved to Charlottesville, Virginia to direct the Blue Ridge School Summer Program. His educational consulting practice is on hold until at least next Fall. Dick says the summer program has a lot of structure and works well as a transition experience for graduates of Special Purpose Boarding Schools.

Dr. Sydney Manning, Silver Springs, MD, Child Advocate
Dr. Sydney Manning, Silver Springs, Maryland, considers herself a Child Advocate; working with and recommending programs in the public and private sector which meets the best needs of the child, and keeps the child in the home when feasible.

Catholic Education Association Acknowledges Aggressive Campaign
Leaders in the Catholic Education Association readily acknowledge an aggressive, nationwide campaign to recruit students whose parents feel public schools are failing to teach basic skills, impart proper values and maintain order. The campaign is buoyed by studies showing students in Catholic schools outperform public school students, perceptions that Catholic schools have maintained standards and traditional values, statistics showing Catholic school enrollments increased this year reversing a 15 year downward trend, and the feeling there is a growing trend toward parental rights to select their child's school which could result in a voucher or choice system in place in the foreseeable future

Boys Town in Nebraska
Boys Town in Nebraska, primarily works with adjudicated or state referred youths for which there are no other options.

Carol Gill, IECA in New York, Temporarily Slowed Down
Carol Gill, IECA in Dobbs Ferry, New York, has been temporarily slowed down by an accident to her foot. Fortunately her Associate Margie Weston has been there to help keep things going and by the time this is published, Carol hopefully will be as good as new.

Franklin Academy Works to Revise License to Residential Child Care
Donald W. Beattie, new Superintendent of Schools for Franklin Academy in Maine, reports as of Feb. 1 they have been working with the state of Maine Department of Human Services toward revising their license to that of a residential child care facility. Working closely with the state, the school has discharged several children who did not seem to fit the profile, has changed the name of "House Directors to Residential Assistants/Associates (with accompanying/expected credentials and roles for these personnel)....," is "formalizing a passive, non-abusive psychological/physical intervention training program," developing for each child a Student Action Plan and Individualized Service Plan, and is developing a Board of Directors/Trustees to be policy makers of the school which it is planned will be not-for-profit rather than proprietary in nature.

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