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Seen 'n Heard - Jun, 1991 Issue (page 1).

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A. Michael A. DeSisto Will Receive Outstanding Alumnus Award
A. Michael A. DeSisto, head of DeSisto School in Massachusetts, will receive the "Outstanding Alumnus Award" from Stonehill College on June 19th.

Dennis Crowell is Starting a Program Named Northstar
Dennis Crowell, of Bend, Oregon, (503-388-7188) is starting his program named Northstar for students 18 years of age and older. Northstar will start in July of this year, and is a yearlong personal growth program which starts with a 21 day Wilderness Challenge Course. The tuition for Phase One is $1,950 a month, and $1,100 a month for Phase 2.

Workshop on Alternative Placement Options
The people that give us Peterson's Guides held a workshop on Alternative Placement options on May 10 at Natick, Massachusetts. The goal was to explore the symptoms and solutions when a student is not succeeding in regular schooling. Speakers included Peter W. Hegener, President of Peterson's, Dr. Edward Hallowell, Child Psychiatrist, Educational Consultant Diane Rapp, DeSisto School Founder Michael DeSisto, Educational Consultant Helene Reynolds, Jayne Huggins of Four Winds Psychiatric Hospital, Educational Consultant Cornelia Ford, and a panel of students from the Cascade School, Rocky Mountain Academy, John Dewey Academy, and The DeSisto School.

Spring Creek Community School Announces Summer Wilderness Course
Nancy Cawdrey, of Spring Creek Community School in Montana (406-827-4344) announced a summer Wilderness Course starting July 8 and going to August 4, 1991. The cost is $6,000. Nancy also reports that "Over 825 young people have completed our courses over the past 12 years...." Also, writing in May 1991, "We've averaged 8-10 students these last 5 months."

Explorations Almost Totally Energy Self-Sufficient
Explorations in Montana just bought two new Solar Panels and Batteries which will make them almost totally energy self-sufficient.

Agricultural Project at Eagle Mountain Outpost
Brenda Hammond, Director of Eagle Mountain Outpost in North Idaho reports the students will be doing an agricultural project this summer, testing native seeds and comparing how well they grow against more popular varieties.

Wilderness Challenge in Utah Changing Their Name
In response to the bad publicity on Wilderness Challenge in Utah, George Church tells me they are changing their name to Adolescent Behavioral Change, and will retain the initials SUWS.

Connie Real, Admissions Director at DeSisto Reports
Connie Real, Admissions Director at DeSisto School in Massachusetts, reports as of late April they have had several inquires and one enrollment as a direct result of A. Michael DeSisto's new book "Decoding Your Teenager".

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