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Seen 'n Heard - Jan, 1991 Issue (page 2).

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State of Tennessee Completes Study
The State of Tennessee completed earlier this year Project STAR (Student/Teacher Achievement Ratio), a study on the effects of class size on student achievement. Students from kindergarten through the 3rd grade were tracked in 75 schools, randomly assigned to a small class (13-17 students), a regular class (22-25 students), or a regular class with a full-time teacher's aide. The achievement scores of the students assigned to the small classes were way ahead of the rest of the students. One observation is a class size of 15 students seems to be a threshold, that is, gains are modest as the class size decreases until the size reaches 15. At that point, there is a quantum leap in achievement. Teachers involved felt that in small classes they can make sure all students master the curriculum, they know the students better and are confident "no one is falling through the cracks", and have more time to provide immediate remedial help when students seem to be having problems. Although the circumstances are different than that of the typical Special Purpose school, it does suggest 15 might be the threshold size of a workable and effective group of students. There are many programs that purposely keep their maximum lower even than 15, for many of the same reasons.

Programs Licensed As Outdoor Youth Programs
As of October 18, the following programs were licensed as Outdoor Youth Programs (most are wilderness survival programs) in the State of Utah: Aspen Achievement Academy-Doug Nelson; Discovery Academy-Dr. D. Eugene Thorne; Sequoia Wilderness Institute-Abe Dalley, President; Turn-About Ranch-David Townsend; Wilderness Conquest-Larry Wells; and A Turning Point-Danny Nored. Up-to-date information can be obtained by calling Ken Stettler in charge of licensing youth programs, 801-538-4242

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