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Seen 'n Heard - Jan, 1991 Issue (page 1).

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CEDU School Has Considerable Growth in Academic Curriculum
Tim Brace, headmaster of CEDU School in Southern California, reports considerable growth in their academic curriculum. Ron Davis is the Academic Director and the school has a full time Special Education teacher to do special work with students who have Learning Disabilities. 28 students graduated over the summer.

Recently Formed Mission Mountain School
Mike/Debbie Finn, and Gary/Teresa Kent, recently with Spring Creek Community School, have bought property and have nine students at recently formed Mission Mountain School in Western Montana.

Dave Yeats Has Contracted to Develop New Program
Dave Yeats, formerly with Rocky Mountain Academy, Pathfinders Way, and Northwoods at Shiloh, has contracted to develop a new model family and community-based program for "emotionally disturbed children" for Idaho's Family and Children's Services.

Lynn Roddick Director of Spirit Mountain Treatment Center
Lynn Roddick, Director of Spirit Mountain Treatment Center in North Idaho is currently negotiating a contract with the State of Idaho to take girls from throughout Idaho for treatment. They have hired Dr. Pam Olson as a full time psychologist, and have a contract with psychiatrist Dr. Ben Brinkley to work with the program. This should help parents who need insurance in placing their child.

Rabbi Norman Geller, CEO of Franklin Academy, Steps Down
Rabbi Norman Geller, CEO of Franklin Academy, is stepping down from that position on at least a temporary basis, due to reasons of health. Dr. Donald Beattie will be taking on the position of acting Chief Executive Officer. Rabbi Geller says, "I will still be doing public relations, marketing, recruitment, but the reduced time demand schedule is really necessitated at this time." "I have got to do something to get that heart of mine back into shape." The school has 41 students as of November. Dr. Beattie has been with Franklin Academy for three years, as headmaster, and most recently as Dean of Students. Dr. Beattie has his Ph.D. from Boston University, was with Bentley College for many years, was the president of several junior colleges, and for a time was President of the University of Maine, Augusta

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