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Seen 'n Heard - Apr, 1990 Issue (page 2).

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Tom Finucane Working with Major Network
Tom Finucane tells me he is working with a major network interested in doing a feature film on a self esteem building program.

Brian McMahon Develops New Evaluation Service
Brian McMahon, of Peninsula Hospital in Burlingame, CA, reports developing a new evaluation service. It is designed for young people who are having troubles, but whose parents need an evaluation to help decide exactly what should be done.

Anasazi Reports Best Month Ever
Larry Dean Olson, founder of Anasazi wilderness survival in Arizona, reports January 1990 was his best month ever, with 22 kids on the trail as of early February.

Carol Loewith Reports Good Results
Carol Loewith, IECA in Connecticut, says business has been good in the six months since she opened her own office.

Tom Bratter Wonders
Tom Bratter, President & Founder of The John Dewey Academy in Mass, wonders if Steve Cawdrey of Spring Creek Community School in Montana is pursuing his doctorate in 1990 as promised.

Loveland Farm Students on Honor Role
Larry Culp, Director of Loveland Farms, in Montana, brags they had two of their six girls on the public school honor role in January.

Pine Meadow Graduates
Pine Meadows, in North California, graduated six students in January bringing them to 34 students. Headmaster David Hull says their capacity is 41.

Heritage Schools Insurance
Heritage Schools in Provo, Utah tell me insurance covers at least part of the tuition of 65% of their students. As of January, the school had 160 students.

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