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Seen 'n Heard - Apr, 1990 Issue (page 1).

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Follow-up Questionnaire of Parents of Provo Canyon School Graduates
In a six-month follow-up questionnaire of parents of Provo Canyon School graduates, compiled in June, 1988, almost half the parents pointed to structure as the area most beneficial to their child.

Forest Farms Phone Disconnected
Forest Farms, a substance abuse program in Forest Knolls, CA, has had their phone disconnected. This seems to confirm the rumors I heard that the program had closed their doors.

Shamrock Reports a Successful Spring
Brian O'Donnel, co-owner of Shamrock Acres near Spokane, WA, reports a successful spring with 22 students as of late March.

A Quote from a Capistrano-by-the-Sea Student
A student in a Special Purpose school was overheard to say, "If you have to be in a lock-up, Capistrano-By-the-Sea is about as good a place as you can find."

George Church Reports Preliminary Completion
George Church of the School for Urban and Wilderness Survival (SUWS) operating in Southern Idaho, reports preliminary completion of a doctoral dissertation by Scott Banderoff for the University of South Carolina. Much of the research was done with SUWS graduates and one of the conclusions was that adding a wilderness survival component to an adolescent treatment program significantly increased effectiveness, especially in regarding family dynamics.

Wilderness Conquest Sends out Regular Reports
Karen Wells of Wilderness Conquest, operating in Southern Utah, sends out regular reports on the daily progress of each child to his/her parents and referring professional.

Oaks Treatment Center Enrollment
The Oaks Treatment Center, a Brown School in Texas, reports holding steadily at their capacity of 120.

Wilderness Academy Takes on Two New Partners
Wilderness Academy, headquartered in Provo, Utah, has taken on two new partners to expand their marketing efforts and broaden their financial base. Jim Lindal and Rob McGovern have come on board as partners with Doug Nelson remaining as a partner. They tell me the major change is too add more medical resources and add more therapy to make the program more acceptable to mainstream psychiatrists

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