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Seen 'n Heard - Nov, 1990 Issue (page 1).

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The DeSisto School Has 24 Graduates
The DeSisto School had 24 graduates this year. The Colleges they were accepted at include: Bradford College, Hunter College, Syracuse University, Marymount College, and NYU. 

DJ McDonald Married DeSisto Director
DJ McDonald of DJ McDonald & Dancers, in residence at DeSisto after moving from New York two years ago, married the DeSisto Director of theatre productions Jennifer Johanos on August 25th.

New Marketing Liaison for the DeSisto School
Mary Deschamps from New Jersey, a parent of a DeSisto Student, is the new Marketing Liaison for The DeSisto School in Massachusett.

Pacific Crest Outward Bound Courses for Youth at Risk
Pacific Crest's Outward Bound courses for Youth At Risk in 1990 will be in California's Joshua Tree area (starts Dec. 26 and Mar. 18-14 days), Washington's Mt. Adams Wilderness (Starts June 30 and Aug. 4-22 days), and California's Southern Sierra (Starts June 23 and Jul. 28-22 days).

Rocky Mountain Academy Visitor Comments
A recent visitor to Rocky Mountain Academy in North Idaho commented, "A trip to RMA is not a visit, it's an experience."

Loveland Farms in Montana Hires Psychiatrist
Loveland Farms in Montana has hired a Psychiatrist to help with the program. With this addition they should be more successful in helping parents collect insurance for the tuition.

Ken Stettler, Licensing for Adolescent Treatment Programs in Utah
Ken Stettler, in Salt Lake City, is in charge of licensing for Adolescent Treatment Programs in Utah. His number is 801-538-4242 and is the official source of information on the status of wilderness survival programs in Utah as well as several dozen other programs which work with young people.

Shamrock Acres Near Spokane, Washington
Shamrock Acres near Spokane Washington, is starting their 25th year in operation

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