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Seen 'n Heard - Nov, 1990 Issue (page 2).

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Franklin Academy Graduation
Franklin Academy (Maine) graduated four students in June. Returning to visit was one of the original seven students the school started with. He had started Franklin Academy not using much of his talent. After one year at the academy, he went to St. Dominic's High School in Lewiston Maine, where he was elected President of the Junior class and achieved honors in six of seven classes. Turning children's lives around is what Special Purpose schools are about.

Steve Cawdry Reports on Spring Creek School
Steve Cawdry of Spring Creek Community School in Montana reports as of mid-November, the school is alive and well. Ann Wilson-Schaef is helping as a consultant to restructure the goals and the school to meet the needs of the current 7 students, as well as utilize Steve's strengths. Notice to Education Consultants, Steve Cawdry is back working directly with kids. If you are lucky enough to get your client in, he or she will receive better services than SCC has probably ever provided.

Lon Woodbury Runs for State Representative
Lon Woodbury, Editor of Special Purpose Schools Reports, received 42% of the vote in his late starting bid for election to the Idaho House of Representatives. He carried his home county of Boundary where he was known, but lost in the larger neighboring county of Bonner where he was not as well known. His reaction to the election returns was, "Not bad for a trial run. Now its time to get serious."

Tom Bratter Serves as Adjunct Faculty
Tom Bratter, President of John Dewey Academy in Massachusetts, also serves as adjunct faculty for the Union Institute, which offers non-residential graduate degrees. 

Dr. Timothy Faulk at Devereux Publishes Book
Dr. Timothy Faulk, on the clinical staff at Devereux Glenholme School in Conn. has published a book entitled "Dying to Live" which analyzes problems facing young people today: suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, peer pressure and declining moral values.

Marvelwood School Has 100 Students
Mark Johnson, Headmaster at Marvelwood School in Connecticut, has 100 students with 23 faculty working with underachiever students.

Emotional Caste System in USA? 
A. Michael DeSisto in Massachusetts suggests the United States has an emotional caste system where each individual's future depends on how he/she feels about him or her self.

Glenholme School Reports on Their Capacity
The Glenholme School (Deverux in Connecticut), reports a capacity of 115 and frequently there is a waiting list.

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