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Seen 'n Heard - Jan, 1990 Issue (page 1).

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Brian O'Reilly's Article in Fortune Magazine
Brian O'Reilly, in the January 1, 1990 issue of Fortune Magazine, wrote a good article on why children of successful executives often need professional counseling or special purpose schools. Quality special purpose schools mentioned that can help these children were CEDU School, Franklin Academy, Brown School, and DeSisto School.

Harold Hodgkinson's Opinion
Harold Hodgkinson, Education Demographer, in Teacher Magazine, says "Instead of looking at the people who move through the educational system,...policymakers almost always make the mistake of focusing on the system itself."

Thomas Bernet Does Survey
Thomas Bernet, Purdue University researcher, in a survey of middle grades students found children are more likely to run into trouble in school when they don't have healthy friendships.

Secretary's Report on Youth Suicide
Secretary's Report on Youth Suicide, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, reports "Young suicide victims (ages 15-24) are rarely mentally ill, though they often have a history of disordered behavior characterized by impulsiveness and aggression."

Steve Mullan, Educational Consulting
Steve Mullan, who set up a Newport Beach Educational Consulting office in cooperation with Jon Ulsh about a year ago, has succeeded in keeping the business operating on his own after Jon Ulsh went to Verde Valley School last summer.

Wisconsin Legisation Proposal
Proposed Wisconsin Legislation would allow teachers to form private practices and contract to provide education services to schools.

Wilderness Conquest Initiating Three Week Courses
WILDERNESS CONQUEST is initiating three week courses for young people who need the wilderness survival experience and who will be returning to a long term special purpose school

New York Federation of Teachers to Facilitate Boarding School
The NEW YORK FEDERATION OF TEACHERS is looking to facilitate a boarding school situation for inner-city students needing emotional growth and a stable environment. They called me looking for leads for potential properties and ideas for something in the Northeast. It sounds to me like this might ba a great opportunity for an enterprising person who has had experience putting together special purpose programs. Call me for more information.

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