Changing the Face of Education

FOR TWENTY YEARS LINDA HOUGHTON HAS dedicated herself to bringing a new focus to the field of education. She founded both Mt. Bachelor Academy and The King George School, and created programs for parents, businesses and other schools. These schools and programs were designed to be a model for the integration of emotional growth curriculum, academics, the arts and other specialized learning.

TIEGE offers the training used in developing these schools and programs to a wide range of people and organizations seeking to create quality whole person education.


  • Knowledge of key child development principles.
  • Upholding clear ethics and values.
  • Importance of structure.
  • Building relationships through clear communication.
  • Physical environment as a key factor in emotional growth education.
  • Reviewing and assessing schools, colleges and businesses implementing emotional growth education.

Training Faculty will include Linda Houghton and trainers with certification in levels one, two, or three as dictated by training needs. Guest lecturers in the field of human development will participate in some workshops and trainings.

TIEGE offers training in all components of emotional growth to schools, programs and organizations. This training if offered through reading materials, testing and workshops held at the campus or other locations. As needs vary, time and cost of trainings will also vary. Please contact TIEGE for more information and to set up a training schedule.


Linda J. Houghton/President & Founder
5045-D Foothills Blvd.
Lake Oswego, OR 97034