A Short History Of Emotional Growth Education

The term "emotional growth education" was created by Linda Houghton in the early 1980's to describe workshops and other specialty programs at the first CEDU School. This term was needed in order to help clearly define how the curriculum used child development principles and healthy stages of growth to create self-esteem and develop greater skills in communication, work ethic, self-awareness and academic study. In addition to this Linda used her training in the principles of child development as described by Erik Erikson to bring understanding of the workshop curriculum to parents, faculty, referring professionals and others. Over the next twenty years, as more specialty schools and programs were created, the term was used and misused to describe vastly different programs and schools that sometimes did not adhere to the basic components needed for true emotional growth education. Linda went on to found two schools and further define the principles of emotional growth education. While doing this work Linda found a need for trained faculty and professionals as well a method for identifying schools and programs that adhere to the principles of Emotional Growth Education. As a result the idea for the Training Institute for Emotional Growth Education was conceived.


Linda J. Houghton/President & Founder
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