Individual Certification

This Certification is designed for educators, parents and other professionals.

There are three level of individual certification.

  • Level I - Develops skills in several component of emotional growth curriculum, i.e. communication skills, peer counseling and mentoring.
  • Level II - Will build upon skills learned in Level I and will develop skills in the area of administration, i.e. dean of students, head of academic departments, and other management areas.
  • Level III - Is the highest level of certification and qualifies an individual to head an Emotional Growth School, program or organization. This certification emphasizes the development of skills needed in creating emotional growth schools, program and organizations.

Candidates for Individual Certification must have:

  • Evidence of dedication to core emotional growth principles.
  • Willingness to implement emotional growth education learning in daily life and work with others.
  • Clearly defined values regarding drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

Individual Certification Costs
Level I - $800
Includes book and other literature needed, test questions, notes and review of practicum experiences.
Level II - $1200
Includes books and other literature needed, testing and review of past practicum experience and possible on-site review of current practicum experience.
Level III - $2000
Includes books and other literature, review of documentation and recommendations for at least two years of school or program management and a possible on-site visit to review and evaluate expertise in the area of management and development.

Travel and expenses for on-site visits not included in the costs above. This is a separate charge.

Certifications For Schools, Programs Or Other Organizations
Two types of certifications are available.

Component Certification - indicates and ensures that a school, program or organization has the skills and capacity to offer particular components of Emotional Growth Education in their learning environments, i.e. communication skills, peer counseling, mentoring, etc.

Your organization may choose to be certified in one or more of the following components:

  • Peer Counseling Component - includes weekly communication classes and ongoing peer counseling under trained supervision.
  • Work Ethic Component - outlines student participation in the upkeep and function of the campus and dorms etc and other activities that encourage individual accountability for the good of the community.
  • Self Study Component - encourages introspection, goal setting and action toward long-term behavior change.
  • Active Parent Communication Component - involves teachers and mentors trained in parent communication. Requires a plan for regular and frequent contact with parents.
  • Parent Seminar Component - involves parent-training seminars several times a year.
  • Student Mentoring Component - a plan that includes faculty and staff members.
  • Student Workshop Component - based on Child development Continuum-and stages of growth.
  • Integrated Academic and Arts Curriculum Component - this program should emphasize the importance of self-expression using the arts as well as emphasize the importance of academics and its' role in the creative process.
  • Leadership and Student Government Component - actively involves students in developing leadership and problem solving skills.
Comprehensive Certification - schools, programs and organizations that have the necessary skills and capacity to offer all components of Emotional Growth Education in all their learning environments and are dedicated to the core principles of Emotional Growth Education.

Candidates for TIEGE Component Certifications must have:
a Clearly defined and effective policy regarding alcohol drugs and tobacco.
a Clearly defined admission requirements and standards.
a   Program must demonstrate a tone of respect for all members of the school, program or organizational community.
a Ratio of one faculty to every five students enrolled.
a Must have one Level I TIEGE certified faculty for every ten students participating in the certified component.

In addition to the above, Candidates for TIEGE Comprehensive Certifications must have:
a Ability to offer all Emotional Growth Components.
a History of successful implementation of these components for one full year or longer.

Both Component and Comprehensive Certifications must be renewed on yearly basis through TIEGE to insure standards are being met.

Certification Costs  
Component Certification: $5750 plus travel and expenses for review team
Comprehensive: $7250 plus travel and expenses for review team

These cost includes processing of application, review of written curriculum, review team planning, three day on site visit of review team, and final evaluation meeting with review team.

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