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Updated April 6, 2001

Teen Help and World Wide Association of Specialty Programs (WWASP) are two legal entities headquartered in Utah with different missions that work with a collection of interrelated programs in Utah, Mexico, South Carolina, Montana and Jamaica. In the last year, several parents have stepped forward with public criticisms of these programs, while other parents have expressed their support. Any parent of a WWASP child or someone with personal knowledge of any of these programs who wants to join this discussion, please contact Lon Woodbury,, 208-267-5550.

WWASP/Teen Help Statements

WWASP Press Release On Lawsuits - 4/8/99

Student Letters - 12/98

WWASP Statement on Morava closing - 11/23/98

Malvern Group statement on Morava closing - 11/16/98

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Letter To Tipper Gore - 7/6/99

Eye Witness At Moravia
- 04/26/99

Teen Help - Tranquility Bay - By J. Garth Swartley - 1/18/99

Our Teen Help Experience (Montana) - Cathy & Cliff Reiner - 1/18/99

Van Blarigan Statements - 7/31/98

Family Statements - Against

Doing business with Teen Help - A Dangrous Process - By Karen Lile - 1/5/98

Tranquility Bay - By Donna Burke - 1/18/99

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