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FROM:  The Malvern Group Limited
2nd Floor, Abbott Building,
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands

TO: Mr. Karr Farnsworth, President
World Wide Association
Hurricane, Utah

RE: Morava Academy

Dear Mr. Farnsworth,

As you are aware, we were all extremely surprised by the sudden and unexpected action of the State Police in the Czech Republic, which caused the closure of Morava Academy. Morava wants to assure you and others concerned that all reasonable steps were taken before the start up of the school. The prospects of a school in the Czech Republic were considered and reviewed for a period of nearly two years before the first student was ever brought to the facility. Let's review some of the steps that were taken to insure that a premature closure of this school would not happen.

In the organization of the school, ownership of the school was shared with a Czech national who is in a position of management with an English business in Brno and local lawyers were used in the formation and licensing of the school. This took several months with guidance being given as to how to properly license the school. At the same time, a number of visits were made to an American law firm in Prague that provided legal advice as to the appropriate kind of business license and help in the area of immigration law, etc. A relationship was established with the US Embassy in Prague and over a period of time, representatives of the Embassy came to the school and visited with the Director and students.

On a local level, political people, i.e. the local mayor and police chief were invited and visited the school all for the purpose to insure that the program was appropriate and acceptable and this was done to display the benefits and values of the school. Morava believed that in every way it had done all to comply with the laws of the country and provide a school that would be safe and a protected environment for students. When one of the shareholders of Morava Academy had challenges with their own son, they did not hesitate to place him in Morava Academy and their family has seen first hand the tremendous benefits of this program.

Morava employed Mrs. Glenda Roach as the Director of the Academy. She is an experienced administrator of these kinds of programs, and a number of visits were made by yourself, independent consultants and representatives of Malvern and others to the facility. All reports were that she and her staff was conducting a super program. There were a number of parents that also visited the facility and everyone approved of the program. The Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges completed its accreditation process in September 1998 and found the school worthy of accreditation. At the time of this action by NASC, they were visiting at least three other schools in Europe and it was our understanding that they found Morava Academy to rank very high among the other schools.

Approximately one week before the "raid" by the State Police, Martin Pilka, a principal in Morava Academy, s.r.o., was called in by the Police, and it was his impression that their concern was about our students being "convicted criminals". This concern was addressed, as Morava has not accepted students with any kind of felony record or conviction and Martin believed the questions were answered and the matter was resolved. The State Police in Czech is more like the KGB in Russia. Morava believed that the relationship with the local police, immigration, the mayor and the US Embassy had covered all areas of concern.

The unforeseeable action of two former terminated employees and the false accusation they made to the media and the police simply could not have been expected. The response of the State Police was not expected. From all reports of those involved with the school, Morava's relationships with the local authorities, immigration, US Embassy etc, were excellent in every way. The State Police on the other hand, already had their mind made up to close the school, and when they could not find anything material, they let it be known to Morava that they would close the school or we could do it voluntarily. The charges they have made are clearly "grasping at straws" in an effort for them to save face. They did not approach this with an open mind or as an open investigation.

Morava wants to thank the many parents that came at their own time and expense voluntarily to help during this crisis. Their help in relocation of the students and showing of unqualified support for the school was most helpful to Mrs. Roach and her husband. A special thanks also goes to everyone at TeenHelp that worked so hard over weekends and long hours in calling parents, arranging for airline tickets and coordinating the final transfer of the students. This is truly a professional and caring organization and staff.

Thanks also goes to you, Mr. Farnsworth, for the week you spent at Morava dealing with the State Police and Media and in your coordination efforts in transferring students to other programs. The great value of the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs really became evident and demonstrates the security and value of this association. The students were able to go transfer to similar programs with the same system in place and thereby the students are able to quickly make the adjustment and continue in their personal growth.

The loss of this program from the Czech Republic is a tragedy not only for the investors of the program that now have no way to recover their losses, but even more so for the loss of opportunity that this unique European program was offering its students.

Very truly yours,

The Malvern Group (BVI)
Consultants for
Morava Academy, s.r.o.

PO Box 1671 | Bonners Ferry, ID 83805 | 208-267-5550
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