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Posted September 13, 2004 

Positive Impact In Its
Sixth Year in Mexico:
Family Therapy Retreats
Begin This Month

Located on the shores of the Sea of Cortez in Bahia de Kino, Mexico, Positive Impact, a therapeutic program, is in its sixth year of helping teenage boys recover from addiction. The program currently treats approximately 50 teens, and Founder and Executive Director John Andersen said the program is in full compliance with Mexican government regulations.

Although the Mexican government shut down three behavior modification programs, Casa by the Sea and two other Baja California private rehabilitation centers for teens on Friday, Positive Impact has no connection to those programs. Andersen said "Positive Impact is beginning its family retreats this month, and we have a busy fall planned.”

"Positive Impact is the only therapeutic recovery program for adolescent boys in Mexico with U.S.-licensed therapists and U.S.-credentialed teachers," Andersen said. “Most of the students at Positive Impact are from the United States.”

The New York Times reported last year that Positive Impact’s program was considered “one of the best, in the opinion of several educational consultants in the United States whose profession is matching teenagers and parents with such schools.” At Positive Impact, the focus is on providing individual and group therapy with a strong emphasis on addiction and recovery to troubled teens. The program utilizes a three phase approach, the 12-step model, a social model of recovery and a positive peer culture.

“We find the location along the beautiful coast of the Sea of Cortez in Mexico an important aspect in the therapeutic and healing process for our young men," Andersen said. "In this place with minimal distractions, our participants are separated from negative peer cultures. The village of Kino Bay and its inhabitants help our boys develop cultural awareness while providing them with the opportunity for community service in a location that offers a vivid contrast to US cities and suburbs."

The program is located 60 miles from Hermosillo, Mexico, which is the nearest city. Direct flights are available to Hermosillo from Los Angeles, Phoenix and Las Vegas.

For more information, visit the program's website at: or contact John Andersen through Positive Impact’s office in the United States at 877-236-1114.

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