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Posted April 4, 2005 

Bill Lane & Associates, Inc.
Adolescent Transport Services
720 Seagirt Court
San Diego, CA 92109
Tel. 858-488-5319
Fax 858-488-0562

April 4, 2005


Bill Lane has announced that he has incorporated his own adolescent transport service company under the name Bill Lane & Associates, Inc. Retaining the majority of agents who have been working with him over the years, he will be continuing the service he has performed for CEDU and other schools and wilderness programs.

Bill has been in the therapeutic schools industry for over 31 years, starting with Mel Wasserman, CEDU Schools founder, in 1974. With CEDU, he worked in several areas, primarily administrative, and was president of the CEDU High School and Middle School in Running Springs, California, for a period of time.

Recognizing the need for professional, but sensitive, transporting of students to the schools, in 1992 Wasserman asked Bill to develop the teen transportation division. Bill's philosophy was to treat each escort as an "in-home" enrollment working personally with each parent. His agents were able to alleviate any fears the child might have and prepare him or her for the program they would be attending.

Through the years, he expanded the service to include other schools and wilderness programs. He has made many friends in the industry and has become familiar with the operations and philosophies of the various schools.

"I'm excited about this new venture," said Bill, "and am looking forward to seeing everybody in Denver at the IECA Conference."
Bill is in the process of developing a website as well as other marketing materials. In the meantime, he can be reached at (858) 488-5319 or e-mailed at

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