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Updated January 19, 2005 

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

First, many thanks to those who have reached out to me and expressed sympathy and support following the closure of Coronado Academy a few weeks ago. Coronado evolved into a wonderful school and became “home” to a wonderful group of students. This was evidenced by the almost unanimous outpouring of support and empathy from parents, students, and referrers, despite the hardship caused by the sudden closure. Fortunately most former students are settling in well in their new schools or at home. Thank goodness the Coronado leadership team refused to throw in the towel and went on to form New Summit Academy. Almost all the boys that attended Coronado were able to make an easy transition to New Summit and are settling in extremely well on their new campus.

I’ve asked Lon Woodbury to publish this letter because a couple of questions have come up repeatedly in conversations since the school closed:

Question: Why did the school close so suddenly, so close to the end of the quarter?

Response: Unfortunately, though Coronado succeeded as a school, it failed to thrive as a viable business. Over time we accrued debt and ultimately owed the government agencies sufficient money that they were poised to shut down the school. Under those circumstances, Costa Rica’s Child Welfare agency would most likely have placed the students in temporary foster care until their parents could arrange for their return to the US. Having explored and exhausted all known funding options, the Board of Directors made the painful decision to send the students home immediately.

Two days after the last students departed, we received formal notification that the school would be forced to close its doors within two to three days. Given that we were “between a rock and a hard place,” it turns out that we made the right decision at the right time.

Question: Am I involved with New Summit Academy, an off-shoot of Coronado that is staffed and led by former Coronado faculty and leaders?

Response: No. I have no formal ties to New Summit,. Unfortunately, though Coronado Academy closed its doors to students, there is still much work to do. We are in the process of selling the property and settling our affairs in Costa Rica. There’s still more than enough work to keep me busy and I’m also taking some “breathing room” while contemplating my next career move.

Once again, thanks for your concern and support.

Saul Rudman
Former President & CEO
Coronado Academy of Costa Rica

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