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Posted November 22, 2004 

November 21, 2004

Dear Coronado Parents:

Over the past few years, Coronado Academy has matured into a unique, exciting, enriching environment for a select population of students. Our graduates have been accepted to outstanding universities where they have thrived on the positive values adopted while at Coronado. Our current and alumni students and parents frequently praise the caring, dedication, and creativity of our faculty in working with a very distinct niche of bright, strong-willed, highly capable students.

Despite these successes, the "business" that supports the school has been weak. The Board of Directors of Coronado Academy has wrestled with insufficient enrollments, huge operating costs, and chronic cash flow problems. Our growth projections did not anticipate the devastating psychological impact of the 9/11 terrorist strikes. Overnight, U.S. parents viewed travel and personal safety abroad differently, and student census projections became a fantasy. Consequently, from Day One, Coronado faced a looming fiscal crisis.

Mounting debt and dwindling rescue options have finally caught up with us. The Board has tapped every resource it can and is only left with one option at this time. Given our limited available funds, we must close the Academy's doors no later than Sunday, November 28. The only exceptions are the handful of students that are already registered for the December 4 SAT test with extended time accommodations.

Those who are registered for the December SAT exam but do not have extended time accommodations need to call College Board at 609-771-7137 and change the test center to a test center near home. Margie Griffin, a supervisor with College Board, has been helpful and empathetic to Coronado Academy in the past and would be a good reference for you in this situation as well. Heather Tracy will coordinate plans with those families as needed. We recognize that Coronado's immediate closure will create serious hardship for students, parents, faculty, staff, and educational consultants, and our heartfelt apologies go to all that are impacted by this news.

Heather Tracy, Academic Director, has outlined a plan that ensures students will earn full credit for the current quarter. Though students will not complete the last three weeks of the quarter on campus, they are already ahead in terms of hours of instruction and will receive final projects from teachers early this week. Students will have time to work directly with teachers to clarify instructions and work on their projects. Projects will then be emailed to the Heather Tracy who will coordinate the grading and credit-granting procedures for students' final transcripts. This final week of classes will consist of time for students to work on final projects, college applications, and attend a free SAT prep seminar on Wednesday. Heather will also remain available to students and families via email in order to help wrap up college applications, recommendation letters and the sending of transcripts to new schools.

Students will be told about the school closure on Monday, November 22 at approximately 11am, "Coronado Time." PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL OR DISCUSS THIS MATTER WITH THEM UNTIL THEY RAISE THE MATTER WITH YOU. We are making every effort to ensure that our communications facilitate students' emotional safety during this transition. Parents are urged to contact Saul Rudman, Mario Duran, Heather Tracy, Andy Myers, or their Advisor on Monday to process this sudden announcement and ask questions. Please contact Elena Bottarini and / or Sadie Rudman at the school to make arrangements for students' return to the U.S. We can be reached at:

Forgive us for not calling you to share this news. We have waited until every possible option has been exhausted, but time is no longer on our side. We will do our best to reach each family by phone and welcome your calls Monday afternoon.

Saul Rudman, President & CEO and
The Coronado Academy Leadership Team

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