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Posted September 22, 2004 

September 14, 2004

Media Contact:
Julia Andrick

Rocky Mountain Academy is pleased to unveil their enhanced curriculum designed to help adolescents who have traditionally been using drugs and alcohol as coping mechanisms.

Overseeing the academy is Scott Addison, M.A., M.P.A., who has been named Rocky Mountain Academy School Director. Scottís leadership and administrative experience, combined with his background as a National Certified Addictions Counselor, make him the ideal individual to lead the academy and direct its expanded therapeutic offerings.

Scott is an experienced addictions counselor and licensed therapist who has developed substance abuse treatment polices, directed clinical operations, formulated long-range development plans, and provided visionary leadership to staff. Most recently, Scott was the Executive Director of a non-profit agency in Richmond, Virginia, that provided residential mental health and drug and alcohol treatment services. Scott holds a Masterís of Public Administration from the University of Wyoming, a Masterís of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Regis University, and is a National Certified Addictions Counselor II.

Scott and the Rocky Mountain Academy team have preserved the essential and time-tested elements of the CEDU emotional growth philosophy and infused it with valuable chemical dependency, addictions management, and motivational enhancement programming. The 14 to 18 month program highlights include:

- Each of the time-tested CEDU emotional growth workshops have substance abuse and other addictions concepts incorporated into the experiences
- Emotional growth workshops now include two post-reflection groups to reinforce lessons learned in the intensive therapeutic experience
- Three new therapeutic seminars have been added to the curriculum: Thinking Errors, Rational Emotive Therapy, and Values Identity
- Each week, students will participate in AA/NA in addition to focused campus-based therapy groups where specific issues including adoption, anger management, and eating disorders are addressed
- A 12-step based model will be integrated into the program serving as a critical piece to aftercare
- Students will be participating in a new Life Summit Trip, a relational service experience, designed for students to actively take part in giving to others and putting their 12-Step work into practice
- Vocational training will be offered in the areas of carpentry, woodworking, and welding
- A studentís progression will be determined by individual performance

An appropriate candidate for Rocky Mountain Academy is 14 to 17 years of age, does not need inpatient treatment or to detoxify, and requires more structure than a traditional outpatient program. A typical student struggles with chemical dependency issues and is faced with co-occurring disorders such as oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder, and AD/HD. In addition, they are challenged with family turmoil, poor decision making skills, influence from negative peer groups, and school failure. It is strongly recommended that students participate in a therapeutic wilderness program prior to enrollment.

As always, our Admissions Department welcomes your calls and is able to help identify if you have an appropriate candidate for Rocky Mountain Academy. Scott Addison will be personally calling many education professionals in the near future and also invites you contact him with any questions. Scott and our Admissions Office can be reached at 877-457-6170.

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