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Posted April 4, 2005


by Anne LaRiviere,
Admissions Director
Optimum Performance Institute

When Los Angeles film-maker Marty Sader's independent film "Most High" took the top award at last year's Hampton International Film Festival, his prize included all the tools he needed to make his next movie.

Now Sader, who is also a mentor to young adults at the Optimum Performance Institute (OPI), is working on his next film and using some of this valuable prize to help young adults in OPI's Film Lab make a short film of their own "as a learning tool to help them feel a sense of accomplishment."

Sader will present "Most High" at a private screening to Educational Consultants and others attending the IECA Spring Conference in Denver. It will be followed by a discussion with Sader, the film's co-producer Tom Adams and Robert F. Fischer, MD, OPI's executive director.

"Most High", was produced by 2nd Act Films, a company comprised of Sader, his wife and writing partner Laura Keys and producer Kenyon Robertson. It is a gut-wrenching examination of the epidemic of substance abuse, an intimate portrait of a young man's journey through addiction and his vain attempt to placate the aching void he feels inside. The film stars Sader, Keys and Robertson who spent seven years searching for the truth at the heart of addiction. It also includes interviews with addicts and former addicts.

Sader's bodyweight fluctuated more than 200 pounds during the course of the film in order to portray the physical effects of crystal methamphetamine abuse "Most High" was shot backwards with production beginning at the end of the film in August 2001, with an emaciated Sader showing the effects of crystal meth abuse. It was completed in April 2003 featuring a slightly overweight Sader at the beginning of the film.

The Optimum Performance Institute is a therapeutic residential program for 17-25-year-olds in Woodland Hills, CA. The OPI Film Lab is a four-month-long course in which participants make their own film, and in the process, learn the importance of achieving individual goals, creative solutions, time management and accepting responsibility while contributing to their collective success.

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