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Posted April 4, 2005

Headmaster Becomes Grand Knight Commander

The August 2004 issue of The Lion's Voice, the publication of St. Paul's Academy, a college prep school for boys, Phoenix, AZ, 602-956-9090, admissions@stpaulsacademy.com, www.stpaulsacademy.com, announced that Headmaster Hal Elliott was presented the honor of becoming the Grand Knight Commander of the Grand Order of the Knighthood of St. Paul's.

Presented by St. Paul's founder Lowell E. Andrews, who is retired from active administration of the school, the knighthood is the core of the school's character development program. The program was inspired by the medieval Knights Templar, and what some consider their modern spiritual decedents, the Masons and the Shriners. Lowell stated in his presentation that "The Knighthood is the quest for knowledge, a mission to discover the true ideals in life, such as patience, trust, responsibility, courage, honor and integrity. The Knights guarding the Holy Grail is a metaphor for all of our quests to discover truth in our lives and our journey, looking for honor and integrity - the qualities of good men. Thus, we also are searching for the Holy Grail - the truth in our life - we are not looking for a thing - we are searching for a way of life, the truth of life, and how we can truly rise to be men who will learn that the greatest mission in life is to touch another life in a positive way."

In this unique character development program, students advance through the degrees of Page Lieutenant, Page Captain, Squire, and the ultimate degree, that of Knight. Student Jose Magana was the latest recipient of the designation of Knight. While accepting his designation, Knight Jose Magana reflected: "When are we ever going to use the Knighthood? The rest of our lives would be an appropriate answer. Not all of us are going to become waiters or doctors, fire fighters or accountants, servicemen or architects, but no matter what career we may choose to take, the ideals taught by the Knighthood are ideals that will benefit you even after you leave these halls. The Knighthood can't work for you if you don't let it…You can't embrace it simply because someone else tells you to. If you take part in it, it has to be because you recognize what a tremendous impact it can have on your life, because you know that you will not only be a better person for it, but a happier one too. What student doesn't want to be viewed as a moral person and respected by those around him? You have that opportunity at St. Paul's. But whether you take it or not, is a decision that will have profound implications on the rest of your life."

In further explanation of their character education program, the Lion's Voice explained: "Every aspect of the Knighthood is geared toward learning the keys of living a successful life by practicing patience, being trustworthy, accepting personal responsibility and having the courage to do the right thing at the right time."

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