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Posted April 4, 2005

Smithville, Texas
B. Lou Gaines - Admissions Director

Eagle Pines Academy (EPA) is a non-profit emotional growth boarding school for boys, ages 10-14. The program opened in February 2005 near Smithville, TX, approximately 45 minutes from the Austin Airport. EPA is right for the student who is under-performing in school, has a sense of entitlement, lacks gratitude for home and family, is emotionally immature, suffers from oppositional, hyperactivity, or attentional disorders, has impulse control problems, or does not respect parents and teachers. The first 10 students will receive a scholarship of $1,000 per month for their stay at EPA.

EPA provides a year-round, open enrollment, academic program for grades five through eight. The academic component uses the nationally recognized Ten Sigma curriculum, with no more than eight students per faculty. A graduating eighth grader will be able to perform credibly in high school.

There are three additional components that take into account the research on learning differences and pre-to-early-adolescent brain development, social group life, outdoor recreation and development of spiritual insight. Taking responsibility for behavior and making restitution are primary goals, and the program is highly structured, but our extensive work with early-adolescent boys proves the value of allowing each student to make many decisions for himself while taking responsibility for the consequences.

The campus is set in 130 acres of country forest and is bordered on two sides by another 4,500 acres of Texas State Parks. The country setting and simple living is particularly appropriate for the student who believes he is entitled to his parents' home, private bathroom and bedroom, trips to the mall, television, video games and cell phone.

In addition to the healing outdoor environment, there is a varied and rich cultural environment.

Professional therapy is available. EPA says it helps a student become more responsible and mature, more empathetic, more likely to acknowledge and make restitution for mistakes and more enthusiastic about academics.

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