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Posted March 23, 2005

An Eckerd Youth Alternatives Program
Brooksville, Florida
Karen V. Waddell - President & CEO

[New Perspectives schools and programs are those new to Woodbury Reports, Inc., and are presented to expand your knowledge, with the disclaimer that we know little more about them at this time than what appears here. Inclusion in Places for Struggling Teens, of course, does not imply any endorsement by Woodbury Reports, Inc. -Lon]

Camp E-How-Kee is a private, outdoor residential treatment program for boys and girls ages 10-17, owned and operated by Eckerd Youth Alternatives. The name E-How-Kee means "their open door" in the Muskokee Indian language. Established in 1968, E-How-Kee was the first of 18 Outdoor Therapeutic Treatment Programs designed by Eckerd to help troubled youth.

The program "provides behaviorally challenged boys and girls with the skills necessary to turn their lives around and reach their full potential." It focuses on building self-confidence, developing respect for others, accepting personal responsibility and making good decisions.

E-How-Kee utilizes the therapeutic potential of every activity for learning and personal growth. The Eight Essential Elements for Positive Change are the key therapeutic components of E-How-Kee and all Eckerd youth residential programs. These include strength-based focus, therapeutic environment, therapeutic alliances, therapeutic group living, individual treatment, safety, family services, and education and instructional approaches.

E-How-Kee is nationally accredited by the Council on Accreditation, the Florida Department of Education and the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools. The program accepts private referrals from families, educational consultants, psychologists or agencies. EYA also offers student loan programs.

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