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Posted March 1, 2005

Michael Lyles, CEO
Tucson, Arizona

[New Perspectives schools and programs are those new to Woodbury Reports, Inc., and are presented to expand your knowledge, with the disclaimer that we know little more about them at this time than what appears here. Inclusion in Places for Struggling Teens, of course, does not imply any endorsement by Woodbury Reports, Inc. -Lon]

Internships Abroad Costa Rica offers young adults, 18 and older, an opportunity to explore and immerse themselves in the culture and language of Costa Rica while receiving the vocational/ educational guidance they need to transition into adulthood.

Through Real World Guidance mentoring, the program strives to promote and improve the student's independent living skills. The areas of focus include: Interpersonal communications; personal finance; goal setting and time management; educational planning and study skills; household care and management; career planning and employment skills. The mentoring program also offers assistance in establishing realistic goals and acquiring sensible independent living skills as they work on personal growth, character development, integrity and personal responsibility. Participation in the Vocational Internship Program allows students to gain real world employment experience.

Designed to meet the individual goals of each student, the academic component is flexible to the student's previous academic history and future plans. With daily study sessions and individual tutoring available, students can finish their high school requirements and/ or explore distance learning options.

Internships Abroad believes that participation in community service projects are a "major stepping stone for personal growth and personal satisfaction." To help students understand how certain behaviors and thought processes block success, the program provides peer directed discussions to explore the complexities of community living.

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