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Quotes - Aug, 1997 Issue

"Divorce is a cumulative experience for the child. Its impact increases over time."
- Judith S. Wallerstein
Center for the Family in Transition
"Strong character actually makes it easier for children to learn."
- Jeb Bush

From 1976 to 1996:

the number of children in families headed by a single father increased from 863,000 to 2.8 million, a 220% increase. 

the number of children in married-couple families went from 52.9 million to 48.2 million, a 9% decrease. 

the number of children growing up without a father in the home went from 10.9 million to 17 million, a 56% increase .

- National Center for Children in Poverty

"If you don't see change, you need to get a new therapist right now."
- Advice found on an Internet Chat Forum
“There are many ways in which the emotional mind is childlike, the more so the stronger the emotion grows. One way is categorical thinking, where everything is in black and white, with no shades of gray;.... Another sign of this childlike mode is personalized thinking, with events perceived with a bias centering on oneself....” 
The Dismal Science? 

Citations in Psychological Abstracts (1967 to 1994): 88,330 on depression, anger and anxiety. 5,134 on happiness, life satisfaction and joy. 
- Networker magazine, Sept./Oct. 1996

"If there are no rocks, the water cannot sing."
- Clarence McClain
If this century proves one thing, it is the futility of politics.
- Peter Drucker

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