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Opinion & Essays - Aug, 1997 Issue


(Tina on the Woodbury Reports Internet Chat Page) 
I also wanted to comment on your story Childhood’s End. It hits so close to home. We ran into Steve, one of the case managers who helped get Matt into the Eckerd program the other day. Matt said almost the exact same words the girl in your story said. He was nice to him but he holds a little resentment towards him. I wanted you to know that he is planning his trip back to camp to visit soon. He is doing this on his own. Eckerd will let the boys come back for a day or sometimes a weekend to visit.
I read with interest your newsletters. We have referred to your “Places for Struggling Teens” many times to parents. It’s been a great help. 
- Darrell W. Lewis, Sr. 
RedCliff Ascent 

Dear Lon: 
I remember being particularly impressed with The Hurried Child many years ago. So I am eager to read Ties That Stress. Enjoyed your book review. Sounds as though Elkind articulates much better than I do the concerns I think we feel for kids today. I will go get the book soon. 
- Mary Jane Freeman MaryjaneF@aol.com

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