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News & Views - Aug, 1997 Issue #47

by: The Family Foundation School 
Hancock, New York 
taken from: Stepping Stone, The Family School Newsletter 
March 1997, Vol. 12, Issue #2 

Over the years staff members have sat in on hundreds of sessions between parents and their children. From these sessions have come a list of suggestions to parents from their own children. These are not offered as fool-proof formulas for successful parenting, but they may be helpful. 

  • Present a united front. 
  • Make reasonable consequences, ones that you can keep, then hold to them no matter what. 
  • Donít discuss rules with us or ask us if we agree with them or like them ó we donít, but we need them. 
  • Donít be afraid to confront us in public if weíre being outrageous. 
  • Donít blame our friends, our school, or society for our trouble. 
  • Donít give up on us. 
  • Donít fix special meals for us, let us eat at separate times or in other rooms. 
  • Ask for telephone numbers of friends we say weíre going to stay with ó then call the number to make sure weíre really there. 
  • Donít be afraid to invade our privacy. If weíre in trouble, you should read our letters, check our closets, check our friends. 
  • Believe it or not, we want you to catch us, stop us, and outsmart us. 

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