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Seen 'n Heard - Jun, 1997 Issue (page 3)

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“After nearly five years with the SUWS adolescent program, Brian Church has formed an independent marketing company (Church & Associates) to represent the finest, non-competing programs, schools and services. Some categories of programs have already been contracted so please call quickly if this is of interest. Brian can be reached at 909-737-9977.” 

Wilderness Quest, 208-522-1080, recently moved the field program from the Halls Crossing/Lake Powell, Utah, winter region to Dark Canyon Plateau/Beef Basin, home of the Ancient Ones, and summer operation area. Families still come to Monticello, Utah for the Family Enrichment Program. Angela Kuhlman is the new Field Office Manager and brings organization to the office and a live voice to the phone. She is “Angela K” to help slow confusion with Anngela Ritter, Admissions Director. James Ferro, Ph.D. Psychologist has jointed the Wilderness Quest team and will be involved in the Family Enrichment Program along with other duties. 

In their web page which shortly will be available on Woodbury Reports Online (http:\\www.woodbury.com), Indian Trails in Spokane, Washington, 509-328-3391, states their “purpose is to return the student home, but not institutionalized and not psychosaturated. By focusing on teaching family values and consequential thinking, our success rate is higher than in conventional therapeutic treatment facilities.” 

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