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Seen 'n Heard - Jun, 1997 Issue (page 1)

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Brush Ranch School, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, 505-757-6114, is implementing a Senior Transition Program. The program arose from “concerns expressed by all seniors that they might not be fully prepared for the world beyond the structure of high school.” It includes an off- campus retreat “to assess senior needs,” efforts to help improve time management and scholarly skills, experience in basic life skills, and also includes for some of the seniors an “Independent Living cabin to more fully experience the rigors and joys of self-discipline.” 

David W. Hull, President of North American Academies (NAWA), in French Gulch, California, 800-358-NAWA, announced three 9-month programs plus several summer programs. The 9-month programs includes the California Academy, which emphasizes experiential education on their 556 acre campus; Academy USA, which uses the western United States, Alaska and Costa Rica as its campus; and Snowboard USA which combines education with outdoor adventure and competitive snowboarding. Summer school includes The Great Challenge Self-Development Summer School, a nine-week, coed program; The Leadership Summer School, a Mt. Lassen Expedition; The Trinity Challenge Self- development Program; The Shasta Challenge Leadership Program; and the High Side Rafting. BUILDING BRIDGES SUMMER PROGRAM Steve Fairbank, founder of Building Bridges, Inc. outside Thompson Falls, Montana, 406-827-9853, announced they will be running a summer therapeutic activities program this year. Building Bridges is about one year old and as of late May has six kids in their year-round residential program. The summer program for young people ages 13-18 is designed to develop positive self-worth, self-esteem and leadership building. There will be two groups, one all male and one all female, and activities will include river rafting, bicycling, backpacking, and rock repelling/climbing. 

Spring 1997 brought the First Edition of PARADIGM MAGAZINE, a cooperative venture by Three Springs, headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, and Quest Publishing. The quarterly publication is intended to provide “informative and up-to-date information concerning the field of mental health and, specifically, the treatment and education of emotionally troubled youth” according to Three Springs President/CEO Mike Watson in the introduction. The attractive and professionally done 24 page magazine features an article on “Outdoor Education and Troubled Youth,” and others on “Living With Traumatic Brain Injury,” “Spiritual Healing in the New Age,” and several others. The Editor is Hans Toecker at 888- 758-4356. The magazine is available on a subscription basis, but I’m sure they would send out sample copies upon request. . 

Rob Cooley and Paul Smith, founders of Catherine Freer Wilderness Therapy Expeditions headquartered in Albany, Oregon, 541-926-7252, announced several changes in staff assignments. The admissions department will include Shirley Rex and Martha Christy, both of whom have been with the program for several years. They will handle new inquiries, serve as primary liaison between the field and families, and will handle post-trek communications. Diana Starr is the new receptionist. Kirk Shimeall is the new wilderness manager. And Brooke Anderson will be running the Whitewater Camp for young people not needing the more intense wilderness therapy program.

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