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New Perspectives - Jun, 1997 Issue #46

The highly structured, intensive counseling program for teens
Westlake Village, California
Brian Satt, Ph. D.

This program was designed by Dr. Brian Satt who believed “there needs to be a new level of intensive outpatient services that could be utilized to prevent youth from entering residential care and also to be utilized to transition them from residential back to their homes.” 

“Teens in trouble typically need outside structure to help them limit their behaviors, before they can learn to internalize the information and control themselves.” 

“Four behaviors will be identified for modification and behavioral goals will be set. Each day, you, teachers and other select community members can report with a twenty second phone call on whether your child was successful in reaching the behavioral goals. Based on the number of behavioral goals reached, your child will be entitled to a greater or lesser number of privileges the following day. Children become responsible for their behaviors because there are direct consequences today (more or less privileges) based on your child’s behaviors the day before.” 

“Teenage Page Web members will have a pager 24 hours per day 7 days a week and will be obligated to call back within 13 minutes after being paged by Page Web staff. A non-response results in an automatic drop to a lower level the following day. Calls will be supportive, inquiring and confrontive, as needed.” 

“Page Web teens will attend one topics group per week. This will be a small, on-going group where members are free to talk about subjects of their choosing. The membership of this group should remain fairly consistent over the time a member is in the program.”

There are four levels which consist of Entry: A Goal Setting Group. Middle: Anger Control/Assertiveness, Drug, Impulse control, etc. Late Middle: Life Skills. Graduate: Tutoring (of other children). 

This program is available in Southern California at the present, but Dr. Satt anticipates expanding to other areas of the country in the future.

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