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New Perspectives - Jun, 1997 Issue #46

Residential Treatment Program
Roosevelt, Utah
Rob Nielson, Program Director

Cedar Ridge is a relatively new Residential Treatment Center in the Uintah Basin about ten miles from Roosevelt, Utah. They currently have about ten adolescents. They specialize in adolescents, both male and female, “who manifest low self- confidence and self-esteem issues. Karate is an optional part of the program and is offered only when there is an interest and the student is manifesting good behaviors.” They rule out significant conduct disorders, significant issues with physical aggression, or significant lack of conscience. 

“...is based on a belief that the resources to heal one’s self and to actualize one’s self exist in every human being. In order for this to occur, each person must first discover his/her core self. This process of self-discovery is in many ways a lifelong undertaking.... We focus on assisting the student in a process of personal growth and establishing a healthy relationship with him/herself. This helps foster, in the student, the ability to make healthy choices and seek out healthy relationships with others.... Utilizing one’s strengths is more effective than continually focusing on one’s deficits.... We know that personal growth is greatly facilitated by structured activities designed with that intention in mind.” 

A treatment plan is generated within the first 30 days of placement. “Each student participates in weekly individual therapy as well as daily group therapy (Monday through Friday). After an initial ‘settling-in’ period, the therapist and student begin phone sessions with parents. Personal family therapy sessions are scheduled prior to visitations and passes. 

“Students are enrolled in an accredited independent study program in order to earn credits toward their high school graduation.”

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