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News & Views - Jun, 1997 Issue #46

by: Ollie J. Perkins, Executive Director
Costa Mesa, California

In my four years experience in the field of adolescent transport, there are two essential ingredients for success: having a genuine passion for working with adolescents, and understanding the necessity of preserving the family unit. 

The goals of Alpine Adolescent Services are to provide a positive experience for children while being transported, and to provide a safe, effective and dependable transport service for parents and professionals. With our highly skilled agents, we believe these goals are obtainable. Key personnel are essential to the success of any business, and we believe our agents are second to none.

Gwynne Lockwood is a director of Alpine, and an accomplished transport agent. She has skills in wilderness and mountaineering training with adolescents, was a college athlete and coach and is a graduate of the Taft School in Watertown, CT. She can relate to troubled adolescents, and manage agents, adding a unique aspect to Alpine. Jenette Johnson, the intake coordinator, maintains constant contact with parents and professionals while agents are in the field. Her background as an EMT (emergency medical technician), a degree in psychology and six years experience working with children, combine to make Alpine a solid organization. 

The diverse experience of the men and women at Alpine enables them to provide the most appropriate match for the child needing a transport service. All agents are trained in “The Management of Assaultive Behavior”, and certified in CPR. For the emotional and physical safety of each child, we conduct an intensive in-house continuing education training program. Prior to employment each agent must pass a thorough background check. We want all parties to feel comfortable with the professional agents working with their child. 

Our insurance coverage sets us apart as a transport company, a copy of our policy is available for the asking. Being independently operated and a separate entity of College Health Enterprises (CHE), Alpine obtained an all risk policy, which is not readily available to other transport companies. 

Alpine is unique in three major ways; our affiliation with the quality organization CHE, the openness to work with other transport companies, and our liability insurance. Our philosophy is simple, build a company that nourishes the safety of every child, and provide a dependable service for parents and professionals. We are confident we will succeed in our mission, while adding a personal touch to the field of adolescent transport. 

It is amazing the support we have received from parents, schools, educational consultants, and adolescent professionals. We thank everyone who has aided Alpine in its start-up. It is your support that has made us go the extra mile in building one of the safest and most reliable transport companies in the country. 

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