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News & Views - Jun, 1997 Issue #46

Tuttle/Gundry Networking News 
Paradise, Utah 
Jodi Tuttle 
(801) 656-1251 

Time flies when you’re having fun! That certainly fits Tuttle/Gundry during the spring of the year. The last time our news came out, we were headed for Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey. Now we have completed that trip, a Utah trip, and are headed for Montana, Washington, and Idaho. Between trips, Jodi spent a couple of weeks at Spring Ridge Academy in Arizona. Meanwhile, Carol was busy making her spring move back to Mt. Pleasant, Utah from California where she spent the winter. 

The Philadelphia Area Consultant Tour provided consultants with a mix of schools which met needs for a variety of students. We visited Chip Vink at Mercersberg Academy; Elizabeth McInnis at Milton Hershey School; Pat Huffman at Linden Hall School; Louise Frederick at Pathway School; Gregory Buckles at Hill School; Carol Dougherty at Perkiomen School; Dan Dries at Kids Peace; Brooks Foehl at George School; Diane Monteleone at Pennington School; Jim Spiro at Phelps School; Sarah Goebel at Westtown School; Ken Michelson at West Nottingham School; and missed seeing Kellee Rumbough when we traveled to St. Cyril Academy. However , we were happy to know that Kellee was taking a break to be with her new baby. Congratulations Kellee! 

This was our first trip to Milton Hershey School and Kids Peace. The Milton Hershey School is totally non-profit, fully funded by Hershey products and focuses on assisting students of good character who have economic need. We found the facilities to be wonderful and the caring staff devoted to helping students. Kids Peace National Centers for Kids in Crisis is a private, not-for-profit organization that includes an acute care inpaitent psychiatric hospital; residential campuses and specialized community dwellings; diagnostic units; shelters; elementary and secondary special and regular education schools; outpatient clinics; and a child development and therapeutic recreation center. 

The Hill School in Pennsylvania gave us quite a surprise when their first news for us was that they planned to become a coed school. This was probably the last school we ever thought would become coed. However, as one consultant said, “ I’m happy that you are going to avail young women of the offerings at The Hill.” 

May found us whirling through Utah visiting a mix of special needs programs. Of course, we thoroughly enjoyed the diverse scenery as we traveled through Utah. We visited Darrell Lewis at Red Cliff Ascent; Ken Kay at Brightway Adolescent Hospital; Cheryl Farr at Sunhawk Academy; Marie Peart and Karr Farnsworth at Cross Creek Manor, who also gave us a briefing on Paradise Cove in Western (Cont. p. 5) (Cont. from p. 4) Samoa; Caroline Wolf at Aspen Ranch and Aspen Achievement Academy; Shane Sorenson at Sorenson Ranch; Lisa Von Colln at Center for Change; David Smythe of A Better Way and Robert Louis Stevenson Youth Academy in Western Samoa; Carol and Gene Thorne and Tori Ballard at Discovery Academy; Scott Davis at New Haven; Rob Nielson in Provo for a briefing on Cedar Ridge Residential Treatment in Roosevelt, Utah; Judy Thaxton and troupe at Provo Canyon School; Kim DeLaMare and Jered Balmer at Island View and Robin Stevens at Youth Care. We also took side trips to Robert Redford’s Sundance with Discovery Academy and to Thanksgiving Point, a most beautiful garden center, with Provo Canyon School. Needless to say this was one busy week! 

Center for Change and Cedar Ridge were new programs for us this year. In case they are also new for you, Center for Change is a private care center for women (adolescent and adult) for the treatment of eating disorders. Cedar Ridge is a small Residential Treatment Program that integrates therapy and education with a rural lifestyle where students participate in karate workouts, raise their own food and care for animals.

Carol would like to know which consultants are interested in future tours to Pennsylvania, New York, the Northeast, Utah, Montana, Idaho and Washington. If you are an educational consultant who is interested, please let Carol know by fax (801) 462-0136, or phone (801) 462-2566 or note to Tuttle/Gundry Networking, PO Box 85, Mt. Pleasant, UT 84647. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to say that we really appreciate the support that we have received from both the consultants and the schools and programs that have been a part of our tours. We really enjoy working with all of you. Thanks so much to each of you! 

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