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Seen 'n Heard - Apr, 1997 Issue (page 3)

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If you did not receive expected mail from the Inland Northwest in late December or early January, the following local news announcement might be of interest. The Spokane, Washington US Post Office Terminal Annex announced in late March that 2100 pounds of first class and priority mail for the East Coast had mistakenly been diverted to Seattle & wrongly labeled as empty equipment. The Seattle office did not check the accuracy of the label until March, after the container sat unattended for more than three months. The Spokane Terminal Annex serves an area which includes Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana.

Larry Wells, Director of Wilderness Quest (WQ) -Blue Mountain Family Center Inc.-, has reduced group size from 9 to six. This was done to ensure quality, individuality, and safety. Larry and Tiffanny Turner, the Field Director, just completed the Ethics Training towards Addiction Counselors Certification in the State of Utah. Anngela Ritter, Admissions Director, Certified Addictions Dependency Counselor continues to work in her own community providing High Risk, Self-Worth and Experiential Groups in the surrounding schools. The Bringing Love Home Workbook and Audio Tapes have proven to be an invaluable tool in helping family members increase depth of communication and understanding during our unique family-enrichment program. For further information contact Anngela Ritter (208) 522-1080. 

Timothy B. Brace, Executive Director of Mount Bachelor Academy in Prineville, Oregon, 800-462-3404, announced March 21st that Rea Kreider will be turning “his focus towards an East Coast campus as he assists me in exploring the opportunity of serving adolescents in the New England area.” He also announced the appointment of Sharon Bitz as Academy Head. 

The Education Services Council, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, 703- 875-0728, and located in the offices of the American Association of School Administrators, organized to speak “for the emerging education services industry.” “The Alabama Education Association has filed a suit in Jefferson County Alabama aimed at precluding Alabama’s public schools from contracting with private companies. Styled Alabama Education Association (AEA) et al. V. Alabama State Board of Education et al., Civil Action No. CV-96-490....” The Education Services Council “sees this case as so significant that it is focusing its attention on building a coalition of forces to oppose the union’s effort. We plan to file an amicus brief arguing why it is so substantially in the public’s interest for schools to have at least the option to contract out.”

“The October Educational Consultant Tours include the Northeastern Consultant Tour and the New York/Massachusetts/Connecticut Tour.” Educational Consultants that were involved included Helen Condas, CA; Mary Consoli, FL; Kay Davison, CA; Ann Carol Price, SC; Anne Lewis, CA; Rebecca Reynolds, MD; Farron Peatross, LA; Bunny Porter- Shirley, TN; Edith Resnick, MI; Julie Rhind, CA; and Ann Thompson, TN. About 35 schools were visited. For more information on the tours call 801-462-2566.

Lorne Riddell, Director of Explorations Inc. In Trout Creek, Montana, 406-827-3863, announced that Explorations will be offering a 30 day course in Costa Rica this year. The course will include the following activities: whitewater rafting, hiking in the rain forest, exploring the volcanoes, 10 day scuba diving course where the participants will walk away with a patti card, daily Spanish lessons and interaction with the locals. This course will be offered year round, along with other international offerings. They are also looking at a trip to Mt. Everest that would be involved with an American Expedition. 

Dan Krmpotich, founder of Selkirk School of Experiential Education is offering summer mountaineering adventure courses for: struggling teens needing a challenge and time for introspection. Dan is a professional member of the American Mountaineering Guides Association, is currently the Director for the Mt. Bachelor Academy Summer Venture, and from 1982 to 1993 ran the wilderness program for Rocky Mountain Academy in North Idaho. For more information, call Dan at 208-267-7940. 

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