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Quotes - Apr, 1997 Issue

“While football is getting safer, (there were no deaths last year), 15,600 cheerleaders ended up in emergency rooms in 1993.... Between 1982 and 1993 there have been 2 deaths and 8 cheerleaders have become permanently disabled.” 
- Spring 1995 American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry Newsletter.
From: Robert Bly - The Sibling Society 
"The deepening rage of the unparented is becoming a mark of the sibling society....What the young need--stability, presence, attention, advice, good psychic food, unpolluted stories--is exactly what the sibling society won’t give them."
Adolescents believe that the world belongs to the living, or more particularly to living people their age, so they feel within their rights if they destroy the canon or rewrite the fairy stories or act like Red Guards.”

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