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News & Views - Apr, 1997 Issue #45

Lori Armbruster, Asst. Director, Consultant Relations
Saul Rudman, Director, Consultant Relations
Sandpoint, Idaho
March 28, 1997 

Graduation day is always bittersweet, but this time even more so as Rocky Mountain Academy Program Director, Ned Murray, has decided to accept the position of Associate Head Master at his alma mater, the Baylor School in Tennessee. Ned and his wife Lucy, want to be closer to home and family as they raise their son Miller. Ned has been instrumental in creating tremendous strength in the program at Rocky Mountain Academy. As a result, we feel confident that the transition will be a smooth one. 

We are pleased to announce that Patti Doyle, Program Director for Boulder Creek Academy, has accepted the position of Executive Program Director at Rocky Mountain Academy. Patti is a ten year veteran of CEDU Education, having served in various capacities at our schools in California and in Idaho. For the past year and a half, under Patti Doyle’s direction, Boulder Creek Academy has prospered in ways we had all hoped for and are thrilled to see realized. 

We are delighted that Lori Rist, will now be taking over as Program Director of Boulder Creek Academy. Lori, an experienced CEDU employee of 13 years, has been at BCA since it’s inception, serving most recently, as the Assistant Program Director. Lori has a tremendous gift for working with children and a dedication that is unparalleled. 

Another significant appointment we’re very proud to report is the promotion of Matt Fitzgerald to the position of Program Director at Northwest Academy. Matt has seven years of experience in CEDU Education, having been a counselor at RMA, an Admissions Counselor and most recently, the Admissions Director of the ASCENT Program. Matt is a vibrant promoter of the wonderful results families can attain with a CEDU Education. 

And finally, we are pleased to announce that Jude Rudolph has been promoted from Admissions Counselor at ASCENT to the Director of Admissions. Jude has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and many years experience working in admissions with families, professionals and insurance companies. Those of you who have referred children to ASCENT know the professionalism and sensitivity that Jude brings to families with whom she works. 

Please do not hesitate to call either one of us, should you have any questions regarding the transition. We are happy to be of assistance in any way possible. 

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