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News & Views - Apr, 1997 Issue #45

The Shamrock Tradition
Tom & Cathy Carter, Co-Directors
Shamrock Acres Educational Alternative
Newman Lake, Washington
by: Betty and Brian O’Donnell, Owners 

(Betty and Brian O’Donnell, the owners of Shamrock Educational Alternative, have been running a very successful program for young men for the last thirty years. After many attempts to find a couple that believe in the Shamrock philosophy, Thomas and Cathy Carter have stepped into this role. The O’Donnells wanted to share the following thoughts they had about the Carters). 

Thomas Carter has been working in a full or part-time position as a counselor, therapist, and role model for Shamrock for over eight years. He graduated from Gonzaga University where he concentrated his studies in psychology. Prior to this, Thomas worked extensively in the law enforcement field, starting first with the United States Marine Corps and later moving on to federal narcotics and general investigations. During this time, he had his first stint with higher education, studying in the field of criminology. 

He has been a part of Shamrock since he was a young man. We enjoyed his presence as a young neighbor boy who became friends with all of the boys at Shamrock as well as becoming an extended part of the O’Donnell family. He has seen Shamrock grow and he has grown with it. 

Cathy Carter has been working with Shamrock for the last year and a half. She graduated from Gonzaga University, majoring in public relations and communications. Cathy adds a female touch to the program which is needed to make Shamrock a fully functional family. Cathy and Thomas as a team remind us of when we first started Shamrock. Cathy is a strong mother figure with a loving touch that adds to the boys daily therapy. 

After many hours of training and instruction, we came to the conclusion that Thomas and Cathy as a team would make wonderful Co-Directors of Shamrock as well as our future successors. With this, they stepped in with a strong commitment and moved their residence to Shamrock, where they are a model for us and our program. 

For the last year and a half, they have worked as a team with us to forge a relationship that will grow and last as long as we live. More importantly, we now know that when we are gone, “our’ dream of helping boys and families become one again will continue. 

As two highly educated Co-Directors, the Carters can only strengthen the Shamrock tradition. They believe in the philosophy of Shamrock and they will carry with them their knowledge and the same beliefs that we have built Shamrock’s foundation on. 

No, we have not put all of our eggs in one basket! We have nurtured, trained, and built this basket with Thomas and Cathy Carter. 

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