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News & Views - Apr, 1997 Issue #45

Tuttle/Gundry Networking News
Jodi Tuttle 
Mt. Pleasant, Utah 
(801) 656-1251 

Tuttle/Gundry Networking prepares to head for Philadelphia this month for an Educational Consultant tour of that area. We will be visiting Mercersberg Academy, St. Cyril Academy, Milton Hershey School, Linden Hall School, Pathway School, Hill School, Perkiomen School, Kids Peace, George School, Pennington School, Phelps School and Westtown School. We’re looking forward to a great trip! In addition, upcoming trips include Utah and the popular Montana, Washington, and Idaho Tour. 

While Carol has been busy finalizing the Three Spring Tours, with a sprinkling of golf, Jodi has been developing a marketing plan for our own English as a Second Language School, American West Language Institute (AWLI) on the Dixie College campus in St. George, UT; visiting Spring Creek Lodge in Montana; and working at Spring Ridge Academy in Arizona with curriculum development. I guess the AWLI marketing plan is beginning to get results as we are excited to have our first student from Togo. If you are like me and do not know the whereabouts of Togo, I discovered that it is a small country in Africa. The people who hail from there speak French, plus their own native language. 

It was a pleasure to visit with David “Deke” and Nancy Smith, educational consultants, as they visited Spring Ridge Academy while I was there. I also enjoyed meeting at Spring Ridge, consultants and therapist Phil and Debra Trounstine from San Jose, California. I was surprised to learn that they knew who I was from Woodbury Reports. It was also disappointing to learn that I would miss seeing Miriam Bodin when she made her visit there on the Monday, one day after I left. Oh well, “Hello” to Miriam anyway. We’ll keep you posted on further Tuttle/Gundry travels. We look forward to seeing all our friends in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey. 

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