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News & Views - Apr, 1997 Issue #45


Mid-Peninsula High School 
Palo Alto, California 
FAX 415-856-6747 

Position Summary
“The Assistant Head of School reports to the Head of School and is responsible for administrative contact with students and teachers.... It ... requires an ability to communicate support while maintaining a sense of firmness and fairness. The work with teachers requires an ability to help teachers, as necessary, in their interactions with students.” 

“We are seeking the unusual person who has the charisma, communication skills, and flexibility to deal on many levels with all circumstances that arise. The Assistant Head of School must be both a team player and one who will ask for and accept help. This position requires a talented individual who has the knowledge of group dynamics and can impart that knowledge to both students and faculty.” 

“The individual must have a bachelor’s degree and preferably a master’s/counseling degree with seven years experience in working with high school students.” 

Personal Characteristics
Approachable by students, faculty, and parents 
Excellent communicator 
Strong individual sense of values 
Flexible and able to deal with the needs of the moment 
Strong decision-maker and planner 
Detail oriented 
Nurturing group facilitator and leader 
Intuitively knows what needs to be done next 
Creative in seeking alternative solutions 
Firm and fair in setting limits and boundaries 
Experienced educator 

Salary Competitive and dependent on experience and educational background. Full benefits. 

If interested, please fax resume to: Head of School, 415-856- 6747 

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