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New Perspectives - Feb, 1997 Issue #44


(Rehabilitation, Intensive, Therapeutic, Education)
Armuchee, Georgia
Clarence McClain, Administrator

R.I.T.E. is on 78 wooded and secluded acres about 75 miles North West of Atlanta, Georgia. It follows the model of long term camping (similar to that of Three Springs and Eckerd). It is a licensed private school and a licensed Residential Facility. They have been working with state-contracted boys in the past, and are not only proud of their track record, but assert they have been able to screen out the “tougher” boys. Currently, they are transitioning to private pay, and anticipate being exclusively private placement in the future. Their academics are heavily experiential in an outdoor setting, and they develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for all residents. Written academic recommendations are prepared for all residents when they complete the program.

“The purpose of the program is to bring the adolescent/young adult into contact with peer groups and adults and requiring group members to live in a camping situation. The youth essentially get down to the basics of living --- they learn to identify basic human needs and then we determine how we can best meet those needs within the supportive framework provided by counselors, peers, families.... Education and the group process are the main emphases of daily activities. Outdoor adventures are used to enhance team skill building.”

“Intervention with family is the key to long term growth and change.While a resident is making progress to improve positive peer interactions and self worth, the family works through Family Focus sessions held biweekly (when applicable) and focuses on trust, communication, building confidence, and self-esteem in the client. The client will also be working on setting boundaries for himself plus problem solving skills, learning to use consequences to better himself and can identify any issue troublesome to him.” 

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